0279.3 05-28-2012 / 10:21 pm ...   Haxoring 64 Bit My Ass


If you’ve been up way too many hours, and you recently installed linux and nothing works. 1, it may be because your a dumb ass, 2, it may be because your tired, 3, it may be because you installed the 64 bit OS and you forgot, all your software is 32 bit. Read more…
0252.3 05-27-2012 / 10:06 pm ...   Haxoring Hackintosh Triple Boot


We all know there’s an easy way to do things, and then there’s the Olexa Heavy Industries way. Today I will explain the basics in installing a Triple boot system with Mac OS X Lion (Hackintosh), Linux Mint, and Windows 7… the hard way. Why? Because learning is fun. Read more…
0236.3 10-07-2010 / 10:22 pm ...   Haxoring I Love You Evil VMWare


This is more for my memory than anything else. But it may help some people out there with VMWare running through their dreams. Moving Virutal Linux Guests from one PC to another can be a bit of a pain. In particular the internet on the virtual machine. Read more…
0173.5 08-22-2010 / 5:03 am ...   Badassness OHI v2.0
Gun Dude
New looks and new feels! Welcome to OHI v2.0. The first of it’s kind, and to my knowledge the only side horizontal web site in the universe. Can you handle this much badassness? Probably not, but you can try!

It’s been almost a year here at OHI, and our team of specialists finally have a fully functional site to post their research. Now whether you will use this knowledge to be altruistic or not is purely up to you. Enjoy the ultimate in badassary!

0116.1 10-26-2009 / 12:05 am ...   Projects Opening More Awesomeness
This Baby is not mine…

Read more…
0028.5 07-11-2009 / 1:20 am ...   Badassness Step Two
As you can tell things are changing here quickly.  But don’t get too attached.  Part of being the utimate badass website means constant change without care.  Like the color scheme now?  Too bad, we might change it.  You want more?  You will f’ing get it!

– The Olexa Brothers
0007.5 06-29-2009 / 1:03 am ...   Badassness Welcome to OHI
Let me welcome you to Olexa Heavy Industries.  Here you will find the most badassness you can handle. This site makes Chuck Norris cry (with joy) because of the badassness.  It’s open, but not yet nearly finished.  You’ll see a lot of construction being done.  Just stick with it. Just ask yourself…

What would Chuck do?

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